About Us

Our mission is to strengthen bonds and solidarity, provide mutual support and help between Polish People, cultivate Polish traditions, culture and language and the promotion of native Polish values in the American society.

Our Goals:

  • To cultivate and maintain Polish traditions and culture and the Polish language among members of the Organization
  • To maintain and care for the development of Polish language between younger and older generations
  • To popularize Polish culture and traditions in American Society
  • To organize traditional meetings and holiday gatherings To provide help and assistance for people in the Polish community
  • To cooperate with other Polish organizations, consistent with the scope of the goals of the PAS

PAS By-laws

The Executive Committee members:

Jacek Dutkiewicz – President
Pawel Jankowski - Vice President
Zbigniew Stroinski – Treasurer
Magdalena Mazur – Secretary
Tyrel McMahan – Coordinator, Cultural Events


Mailing address:

Polish-American Society
P.O. Box 770927
Memphis, TN 38177-0927


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